Work with CFA Nigeria

Yes! It is indeed possible to work with CFA Nigeria in a few ways.

We are saying this not because we are a jack of all trade but simply because we believe in partnerships and JVs (joint ventures). Here is why:

One chase a thousand, and two put ten thousand to flight – Deuteronomy 32:30a

work with cfa nigeriaThis is a principle of life we have come to comply with and not fight, one-man businesses die more often than well structured partnerships because two heads are always better than one.

Therefore, we are looking to add value in your life and business with some of the services we offer and possibly partner with you.

CFA Nigeria’s greatest strength is our ability to use the Internet profitably to promote a brand or business.

Here are a few ways you can work with CFA Nigeria;

1. As your Digital Media Strategist

We have been actively involved in Internet marketing, business blogging and SEO for well over one thousand (1,000) days and can help you accomplish your digital/Internet goals. We have worked with various local and international clients.

The Internet has become a huge marketplace and it’s up to you to leverage the Internet by working with CFA Nigeria. Hit the contact button right away and let’s work together to the benefit of your business and brand.

2. As a Professional Speaker

Speaking is second nature to us and we can assure you that our audience are always enlightened with our down-to-earth style of presentation.

As a professional speaker in Nigeria, I have spoken to numerous audience on the following topics: SEO, Small Business Strategies, Personal Development, Internet Marketing, Social Media, and Network Marketing.

Visit my speaking page for more information.

3. As your SEO Services provider

We run the No. 1 SEO Company in Nigeria and our clients cut across different sectors.

Do you realize that your business is losing tons of cash daily by neglecting the free traffic that comes from the search engines i.e. Google?

Our services are not limited to SEO services and link building packages alone, we can help you with the following Internet related services;

  1. Social Media Marketing
  2. Personalized SMS marketing service
  3. Search Engine Marketing i.e. PPC
  4. SEO Website/Blog design and development
  5. Mobile Apps Development and Submission to all Platforms – Android, Apple and Blackberry apps worlds

4. As an Investor in your Business

Personally, I have always longed to be a venture capitalist, it really does hurt to see your business go down the drain or your idea remaining pipe dream due to lack of funds.

Note that this is not a loan but an investment in your business if/after we are convinced about the potentials of your business. Our due diligence process involves taking a closer look at your books, business model, unique selling point, and then waiting on God to approve the deal.

Feel free to contact CFA Nigeria, if this interests you in anyway.

5. Work with CFA Nigeria as a Co-Author

Do you enjoy writing? Are you looking to make a living with writing? You have a unique opportunity to Work with CFA Nigeria as a co-author.

I love writing and have published over 1,000 articles across but most importantly I understand Internet marketing and online brand exposure.

You can start by becoming one of our guest writers.

6. As a Network Marketing Leader

I have built teams of thousands of people and earned thousands of dollars (millions of naira) as a top network marketing leader in Nigeria but I am currently not involved in any network marketing business at the moment due to personal reasons and my recent experience.

Feel free to invite me as a mentor and leader in your MLM business. You might win me over 🙂

Network Marketing is for anyone ready to take control of his or her life. I strongly endorse and recommend this business model.

Beyond all the above, let us know how I can be of help. Here’s our contact form for your good pleasure. May God bless you, Amen!