Kill Pornography
Don't Allow Porn destroy your Bright Future, so Kill Pornography today!

Follow these 4 Steps to Kill Pornography before it Harms You!

3. Get away from the Internet

The Internet has made it so easy to get access to porn materials and to win the fight against it, you must get away from it as much as you can. I agree that will be very difficult to do so completely but your best bet is to ensure that you don’t spend your idle time online. Get in there and do what you have to do then get out immediately. This leads to my next and final point.

4. Use Technology Tools

x3watch by deals with porn addictionThis is for parents and guardians that have a duty to protect the younger generation and for those dealing with the addiction but have to use the Internet often.

I am happy to note that some cool folks out there aren’t sitting down to complain about the negative effects of porn, they are actually doing something in a profitable way.

Here are number of tools to help kill pornography:

  1. Cloudacl: provides a safe browsing experience and is available as an add-on for your Firefox or Chrome browsers as well as Android and iOS Mobile apps.
  2. K9 Web Protection: a free Internet filter and parental control software for your home Windows or Mac computer.
  3. CyberPatrol: as the name implies helps parents or guardian patrol the cyber-space on their wards behalf. This is a paid service and if you ask me it is worth it considering the dangers out there.
  4. X3Watch: Monitors your Internet use, blocks adult websites when using X3watch browser, filters content, and lets you share your progress with people you trust. It was developed by – a ministry dedicated to helping those struggling with porn addiction and sex addiction.
  5. Covenant Eyes: provides a good level of protection for the entire family but comes in with a convenant eyes helps kill pornographydifferent approach of getting you to be accountable to somebody. That might be the way to go because in most cases dealing with any type of addiction might require you being ‘accountable’ to someone else especially if it is someone you respect. Note: this is a paid service with a 30 day free trial though.

Bonus point: Make sure you use a good antivirus with parental control which would likely be a premium version. I currently use Eset Smart Security and am satisfied with its parental control features.

Here’s a video that points to the fact that it’s destructive to be addicted to porn because it has a similar effect as a cocaine or any other addiction

He that has ears, let him hear and seek for help because failure to do so might have devastating consequences. My word to anyone out there is simply, Kill Pornography today or else……..!