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It is easy to suffer from information overload with all the junk that we are getting from the internet. It is however up to us to filter the information that we are getting online, to make sure that we benefit from them in one way or another.

If you’re looking for opportunities for starting your online business then better check out the FREE online training courses being offered by CFA Nigeria.

There are eight free ecourses that are being offered by CFA as part of our quest to contribute to adding valuable content online.

These free online courses are guaranteed to help you in starting your online business specifically when it comes to online marketing.

The team at CFA Nigeria aims to get you Conditioned for Accomplishments through e-learning. A lot of online entrepreneurs fail not because they lack ambition, but because they lack proper training.

By signing up for any of our FREE online training courses, you get the training you need to starting your online business or take you small business online.

Take each of the five free ecourses one at a time and apply your learning to your business. Each course will help you move forward to your goals of establishing a successful online business.

These are the five FREE ecourses from CFA:

1. Social Media Marketing

Our very first free ecourse in social media marketing will teach you how to attract more traffic to your website. We will teach you how to create strategic content that will not only attract your readers, but which will also make your website search engine friendly. Learn how to promote your business through online word-of-mouth through social media marketing platforms like YouTube, Google+, Facebook and Twitter.

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2. Search Engine Optimization

Our second free ecourse in search engine optimization will help you look for the best keywords that will improve your website’s visibility to the search engine crawlers. This will make it possible for your website to appear at the top of the search engine results when a web user searches your keywords online.

SEO in Nigeria is growing by the day and if you take time to learn quality SEO then you might be positioned in front of a bigger future trend, because everyone is going online.

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3. Internet Marketing

Our third free ecourse in Internet Marketing will teach you the basic of online or electronic marketing. It is not enough that your business has a website. If you want to get more visitors to visit your site, then you need to advertise your site through any of the methods used by internet markets including search engine optimization, email marketing and social media marketing among others.

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4. Automated emails (Autoresponders)

Our fourth free ecourse on Automated emails or Autoresponders will help you become an expert in email marketing. This online marketing method does not only mean sending emails to your target market, but also setting up an automatic program that will answer all the email messages directed to the business.

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5. Starting a Small Business Consulting outfit

Our fifth free eCourse in Small Business Consulting outfit will familiarize you with the things you need to starting your online home business. This Business Consulting training can be a jumpstart to a successful career in online home business. With the first four online training courses, you are now equipped with the skills that will help you position your business in the online market.

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